John M. Alexander Family YMCA

ymcajohnalexander2Over the course of two years, the Central YMCA in Raleigh was demolished and rebuilt into the John M. Alexander Family YMCA. Newcomb and Company worked diligently with the owner and general contractor to accomplish this feat, keeping the facility open throughout the entire process.

A total of 20 different HVAC systems were installed ranging from rooftop heating and cooling systems to specialized systems serving the indoor pool and computer rooms. A 200 horsepower temporary steam boiler was used to provide heat to the existing space during construction. Many different types of exposed ductwork is utilized in the space, spiral ductwork in general areas and fabric duct over the pool, giving it an open feel. All equipment is controlled by a DDC control system with web access.

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Newcomb And Company: Commercial Services Specialists

bloomsbury1Did you ever explore the basement utility rooms of buildings as a kid? The hidden corners, the huge metal pipes that look like science fiction creatures — dark rooms full of HVAC equipment are fertile breeding grounds for children’s imaginations. If you were once an intrepid utility room explorer, you may have wondered: where does all this stuff come from, anyway?

For 60 years, Newcomb and Company has been the answer to that question. We have a history in designing and installing custom HVAC solutions to buildings of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Data centers
  • Churches
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Central Utility Plants
  • Underground Utility

pullenbaptist2We’ve handled beloved Raleigh landmarks from NCSU’s Centennial Campus to downtown’s Edenton Street United Methodist Church. Whatever the size of your project, we can handle it, too.

At Newcomb and Company, we’re experts in both renovations and new construction. Our mechanical contracting services include:

  • Building automation and controls
  • Security
  • New construction design and installation
  • Maintenance and replacement services
  • Industrial piping including chilled water, hot water, and steam piping installations
  • Energy efficiency services

Newcomb and Company isn’t your standard subcontractor. We’re renowned for our commitment to meeting project deadlines, and working in both our prefabrication shops and on site gives us the flexibility to do so.

If you need professional comfort solutions for buildings big or small in the Raleigh or Wilmington metropolitan areas, check out our commercial portfolio, or just contact us for an estimate. We’re ready and waiting to make your comfort our business.

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Cree Shimmer Wall: A Symbol of Raleigh’s Innovation

Raleigh Convention Center - Cree Shimmer Wall

Located near the fabulous arts, entertainment and dining areas of downtown Raleigh, and wrapped within world-class architecture, the Raleigh Convention Center was designed to showcase the City of Oak’s innovation, technology and responsible development. Billed as “A Center That Defies Convention,” the crown jewel of the project is, of course, the magnificent Cree Shimmer Wall which adorns the outer facade of the building, welcoming the tens of thousands of commuters who pour into the downtown area every day. But while everyone from visitors to longtime residents can appreciate the wall’s glimmering beauty, few know that there’s an incredible story behind the wall – literally.

As one of the nation’s leading tech hubs committed to sustainability and energy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Raleigh Convention Center would embody many of those ideals. The building is LEED Silver certified, built with many innovative recycled materials, and modeled to maximize energy efficiency with open space architecture. And the HVAC system is a world-class design, intended to minimize water waste and heating inefficiencies.

In fact, the Newcomb-installed HVAC system was tasked with heating, cooling and venting no less than half a million square feet of a $222 million dollar building with three different stories and plenty of unconventional architecture and open space. The main ballroom alone holds over 15,000 people theater-style, and the entire building requires no less than 6,800,000 BTUs of capacity per hour from the state-of-the-art HVAC system.

But with its prime location in the cultural and artistic heart of downtown Raleigh, the Convention Center needed more than just incredible function; what about the form? It’s true that Raleigh is famous for its technology and research innovation, but the city wanted to show off its artistic side, too.

Thomas Sayre of the Clearscapes architecture firm was brought in and quickly developed a brilliant idea to cover the building’s 10,000-square-foot wall with a beautiful work of art depicting the city of Raleigh’s symbol, the oak tree. Over 80,000 light and dark aluminum squares were connected and the mammoth flowing “wall” of technical creativity was hung over the facade of the Convention Center, facing most visitors as they enter the city’s downtown area and presenting a sparkling oak tree to everyone who passes by.

The brilliant display reflects sunlight and drifts in the wind magnificently, but the city didn’t stop there. Durham LED lighting company Cree added 56 LED diodes to create fabulous light shows once the sun goes down, giving the facade an incredible high-tech look and display that make it one of the hallmarks of Raleigh’s downtown. And with that, the Cree Shimmer Wall was complete. Not only was the building’s  complex HVAC system now properly protected, but it was done so with a beautiful work of art that functionally allowed the wall to breath and contort with the elements.

The wall is so dazzling that many onlookers are sure it must have cost the city a fortune, or at least be extremely technologically advanced. But that’s where they would be wrong. “It’s a completely low-tech thing, it’s just the wind,” says Sayre.

“That is what makes the wall so uniquely, Raleigh,” says Laurie Okun, the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Raleigh Convention Center. Sure, they had the technological and engineering resources in the area, and of course there were plenty of artists happy to help, but what really set the project apart was how the creators meshed form with function and kept everything environmentally friendly and simple.

“We call it our ‘Smart Angle,’” says Okun. Now every visitor or new business owner who enters the downtown area will first be greeted with the beautiful Convention Center and symbol that is Raleigh, and it couldn’t have been done without the collaboration and innovation of Cree, Clearscapes, Newcomb, the Raleigh Convention Center and all of the great artists and public servants who were involved.

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The Hudson

hudson1This 64 unit condo project in downtown Raleigh is located on Fayetteville Street which was recently converted back to a street from a pedestrian mall. There are also retail shops and restaurants on the first level. Prior to the building’s conversion, it housed the Hudson Belk department store.

Each unit contains a separate split HVAC system installed during renovation by Newcomb and Company.

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CISCO 10 Regression Lab and Central Utility Plant

Cisco10RLab1Fifty one new Liebert Deluxe Environmental Control Systems were installed in the new Cisco Building 10 Regression Lab, located on the main campus at Research Triangle Park.

The cooling capacity for this space is provided by three 750-ton water cooled chillers, one 200-ton air cooled chiller and three cooling towers. Additional equipment included pumps and variable speed drives.

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