Carrier Infinity Touch Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat Walkthrough

Carrier Infinity Touch Wi-fi Thermostat

The Carrier Infinity Touch Wi-fi touch screen device is one of many great programmable thermostats that are becoming more and more popular these days. Not only are they simple to operate, but they offer very detailed control and scheduling for maximizing your households energy usage.

Wireless internet technology also brings outside information from the web into your home, and the Infinity Touch takes full advantage: displaying weekly weather, help screens and even detailed fault reports so you can get problems fixed quickly by knowing right away what the issue is. This thermostat will allow you to control the heat and air conditioning in your home down to the minute, and you may schedule different settings for different days or the week or when your home might be empty.

While the Infinity Touch Wi-fi Thermostat is easy to use for just about anyone, to take full advantage of all its energy-saving techniques and features let’s take a quick video tutorial brought to you by technicians who actually work on the product itself:

The home screen

Take a look at the home screen that is the default display for your unit. It will show the current temperature inside your home, and the current weather in your area. Touch the weather icon and you will see the weekly forecast for your location — allowing you to plan your energy consumption levels accordingly if you would like.

Adjusting the time and date

This is a simple and quick step, but it is extremely important to enter the correct and up-to-minute time. Without it, your scheduling and programming won’t come in very handy.

Making temperature adjustments

Touch the current temperature to make quick and easy adjustments to the temperature in your home. By selecting the “mode” you can set the system to heat, cool, fan only, off, or auto. “Auto” will tell your system to simply use which mode is necessary to keep the home at the temperature you’ve chosen. After selecting each option, you can set the temperature levels for that setting or turn it off altogether.

Setting a schedule

Touch on the menu button in the bottom right corner of the main screen, and then press “comfort profiles.” Here you can set baseline temperatures for four different settings: home, away, wake and sleep. Also within the menu is the “schedule” button, which will allow you to set the temperature fluctuations in your home based on each individual day of the week. Select the “guided” option after pressing “schedule” and the device will walk you through this process step by step in no time at all.

Making minor or one-time changes

If you would like to make a temperature change in your home, but don’t want to have to reprogram or upset any current schedules, simple press “hold” on the main screen and make changes that last for only a set amount of time. If you would like to make a temperature change that holds for an indefinite amount of time, press “hold” again.

Extra features and monitoring

By pressing the “features” icon, you will be able to see information such as if your unit is connected to the internet, what setting the fan is running at, and advanced features like the humidity levels in your home. On the “fan” selection, you can pick fan settings that will only take place if the “fan only” mode is engaged. Your system will automatically regulate the fan if heating or cooling is being used.

Automatic fault and service reporting

One of the most exciting features of high-tech thermostats is automatic reporting, which can tell you the exact problem your thermostat is experiencing in real time, and who to contact.

Be sure to contact Newcomb’s certified technicians with any issues you may have with your Carrier Infinity Touch Wi-fi and get help from the men and women who work on the professionally.

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