How an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Can Save You Money

Financial consultant presents bank investments to a young couple
Financial consultant presents bank investments to a young couple

An HVAC system purchase is a big decision. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind, and you don’t want to make a mistake. What size system do you need? Should you choose gas, electric, or a dual system? Does anyone in your home have allergies, and will that affect your choice? What’s your budget?

If you haven’t already, add “Should I get a maintenance agreement?” to that list. Although it may be hard to convince yourself to spend up-front money on preventive maintenance for which you don’t yet see a need, remember this: HVAC maintenance agreements can save you a lot of money in the long run. Here’s how.

A well-maintained system is less likely to need emergency repair.

Bi-annual service visits will give your service technicians an opportunity to stop problems before they start. HVAC equipment doesn’t break for no reason; very often a chronic issue that’s hard for a homeowner to spot becomes worse over time, and finally results in damage. Inspections can reveal small faults like wear and tear to a belt or leaking refrigerant, and repair those problems before your HVAC grinds to a very expensive halt. Remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Regular service increases your home’s energy efficiency.

Let’s say you have a hole in your ductwork or leaky refrigerant. That means your system is working overtime to keep your home at the right temperature, and your electric bill is headed sky-high. Regular preventive maintenance will ensure that your energy efficiency stays up to par, saving you money on your gas or electric bills.

Your manufacturer’s warranty covers only well-maintained equipment.

A manufacturer’s warranty is invaluable. Replacement parts for an HVAC system — or, in a worst-case scenario, replacement of the whole system — can be incredibly expensive. That’s why your manufacturer probably provided you with an equipment warranty that will help with the cost of repairs or replacement for a certain period of time. But there’s a catch: the terms of the warranty usually require proof that your system has been regularly maintained. A maintenance agreement gives you proof of regular service in one simple document, ensuring that if your equipment breaks, you’ll be covered as your warranty specifies.

Regular maintenance extends the life of your HVAC system.

How long do you want your HVAC system to last? Ten years? Twenty? An HVAC system is like any other major home purchase; you want it to last as long as possible in order to get the most value out of your investment. Regular maintenance will increase your equipment’s lifespan so that you won’t have to worry about an expensive replacement for many, many years.

Maintenance agreements offer discounted services throughout the year.

HVAC maintenance agreements include regular service calls and basic system maintenance during those visits. But did you know that they usually also include discounts on other services? A Newcomb and Company agreement offers you a 15% discount on a range of services, regardless of when you may need them. Diagnostic charges, after-hours calls, and basic maintenance necessities are all discounted — even if the need for them arises before your next scheduled service visit.

As you’re pondering your HVAC system purchase, rely on Newcomb and Company for expert advice. We’ve been providing homeowners and businesses with expert service since 1954, and when you give us a call, you’ll benefit from that wealth of experience and knowledge. We’ll tell you all about our maintenance agreement and how it will work to your advantage as you embark on this next home adventure.

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