How to Prepare Your Heating System & Furnace for Winter


Winter is on its way. It’s time for playing in piles of leaves and curling up with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. When your furnace is broken, however, no amount of hot chocolate can keep you warm. Here are some simple things you can do to make sure your furnace is prepared to keep your home a heated haven this winter.

Make sure air vents are clean and open.

Remove any furniture or clutter that may be keeping air from circulating through the vents in your home. The heater can’t do its job if the flow of air is restricted.

Keep the area around the furnace clear of obstructions.

Obstructions block the fresh air your furnace needs to work efficiently. Tidy up the area around your furnace so that it is free of debris and clutter such as tools and boxes that can build up over the year. Go outside and inspect the exhaust flue. Clear away any branches or animal nests that may block airflow.

Make sure the furnace doors are shut properly.

Keep carbon monoxide and other combustion byproducts from being circulated through your home by making sure furnace doors are tightly secured. You should also have carbon monoxide and radon detectors installed to alert you and your family in case of a leak.

Check your furnace air filter monthly during heating season. Change it if necessary.

Replace the air filter in your furnace each month. A clogged filter inhibits the flow of heated air from your furnace, causing your heater to work more and do less. Some suggest changing the filter every 3 months, so at the very least, pop the filter out after 30 days to see if it needs changing. Filters are a seasonal item, so keep an eye out for bargains during the summer months on marked down or bulk packages of furnace filters.

Schedule an annual check once a year.

Staying diligent about the maintenance suggestions above can help keep your furnace in tip-top shape, but the best way to ensure your heater will be ready to go every winter is to schedule an annual maintenance check. With the confidence that everything is working properly, you can just set it and forget it!

While tending to your furnace, you may find a more serious issue that requires the aid of a professional. If you’re located in the Triangle or Coastal regions of North Carolina, call Newcomb and Company to diagnose the problem and provide you with solutions before you’re left out in the cold.

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