Is a Zoned Heating & Cooling System Right for My North Carolina Home?


Constant changes in temperature have become a running joke amongst North Carolinians. It’s not uncommon to wear shorts one day in November and to wake up to ice on the ground the next. While it’s nice to know that a 20-degree day doesn’t necessarily mean we’re in for three months of solid cold, these fluctuations can wreak havoc on our energy bills and make for some uncomfortable situations in our homes.

Imagine if every time you turned on the water in one room, water came out of every faucet in your home. Not only would it be impossible to maintain the temperature you wanted at the faucet you were using, but you would be wasting a ton of water (and money)! This is essentially the way a typical HVAC system works. When you change the temperature on your thermostat, air comes out of all of the open vents in your home. In order the change the way air moves throughout your home, you have to manually adjust the dampers and vents.

A zoned HVAC system can help provide you with better control over the temperatures throughout your home, while also saving money on your energy bill. By using multiple thermostats connected to a central control panel in your home, your system is able to adjust the dampers in your ducts automatically – based on your settings for each zone. The result: More control and lower energy costs.

Here are two situations in which zoned heating and cooling might make sense for your North Carolina home.

Uneven Temperatures in Multi-Story Homes

See if this sounds familiar: You have a multi-story home with a single thermostat. It’s the middle of December and it’s time for bed. You walk upstairs to get ready to turn in for the night, but by the time you reach the top of the stairs it feels like a sauna. You head back downstairs and turn the thermostat down to 68. Within a few minutes conditions are perfect for a restful nights’ sleep, but you know that you’re going to need to bundle up in the morning before heading back down for a cup of coffee.

Uneven temperature in a multi-story home is extremely common. Zoned systems allow you to control the temperature settings on each floor of your house independently.

Room-By-Room Control

Just because 70 degrees is the perfect temperature for you doesn’t mean that everyone in your family agrees. Everyone has his or her own idea of comfort. Depending on the zoned system you purchase, you may be able to set different temperatures for individual rooms. Can you imagine? No more arguments about whether it’s too hot or too cold!

Do you have a guest room, formal living room, or some other area that you don’t use very often? Why waste energy maintaining an optimal temperature in these rooms?

If these examples sound familiar, you may want to explore a zoned heating and cooling system. To learn more about zoned heating and cooling systems, read this post or contact Newcomb & Company to schedule a consultation.

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