Warning Signs Your AC is Getting Ready to Go Out

newcomb-consultationIt’s that time of year again — residents of the sunny South take refuge in their living rooms in the hottest part of the day, thanking their lucky stars for the invention of air conditioning. During the summer, A/C units work overtime, trying to keep homes a comfortable twenty degrees or so cooler than the temperature outside. Is yours working too hard? If you pay attention to these six warning signs, you might catch minor problems before they become heated issues.

1) No cool air.

Let’s start with the obvious: if the air blowing through your vents isn’t cool, you’ve got an issue. Turn off the A/C until you can get a repairman to your house. You may have a refrigerant leak, which could have several root causes, including blockages in your refrigerant lines that will become more severe if your system keeps operating.

2) Poor airflow.

If your airflow feels weaker than usual, it’s probably not just your imagination. Call a repairman and get it checked out. The problem could lie with your unit’s blower fan, or there could be more malignant issues like blockages in your ducts.

3) Water leaks.

In an A/C unit, condensation is simply part of the process. This moisture forms inside your air conditioner, and a drain tube shunts it away. If that tube is damaged or blocked, the water has nowhere to go, and pools will form next to your unit. (If your unit is located on the roof, the first you’ll hear of this may be a leaky ceiling, so double-check your A/C unit occasionally during the hot season to avoid those costly roof repairs!)

4) Bumps and bangs.

If you have to explain to your kids that the scary noise they hear is simply the A/C turning on, you should probably call in the pros. Loose parts or a bad motor could be causing those spooky sounds, and either way, you need to address the problem before it gets worse and interferes with the operation of your A/C unit.

5) Bad smells.

Wondering about that musty scent permeating your living room? Mold or other growth inside your air ducts may be to blame. If your air smells unpleasant, it’s probably not healthy to inhale, so call in reinforcements to diagnose the problem. (If you smell something even more unpleasant, like burning metal, it’s wise to turn off your A/C and call a repairman immediately!)

6) Inaccurate thermostat.

The problem with your A/C might not lie with your A/C. If your thermostat isn’t communicating correctly with your unit, it’ll be hard for even the most industrious blower to stabilize the temperature in your home.

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