Why Does My Toilet Keep Overflowing?

You’ve tried plunging, you’ve tried chemicals, you may even have tried an auger or a snake, but the fix never lasts long. An overflowing toilet isn’t any fun. It is especially frustrating when it’s a recurring problem and you can’t figure out what’s causing the back up. Here is a look at a few culprits that may be responsible or your toilet overflowing.

Clogged Drain Line

Line stoppage is the primary reason toilets overflow. The problem could be in the line that connects your toilet to the main line outside, but it’s also possible that a different drain line could be causing the backup. For example, if the line from your washing machine clogs, it might block the line to your sewage system or septic tank.


Is the problem with the pipes inside your house or the lines outside of it? The lines that run from your house to the main sewer line can get clogged with foreign objects, and the root systems from trees in your yard can dislocate the pipes or block them.


If your house is on a septic system, the issue could be that your field isn’t percolating. This means that the area around your underground tank isn’t capable of dissipating all of the water that is coming into it. Your septic tank may be full or your field may not be able to absorb any more water.

Blocked Trap

At the back of your toilet is an S-shaped trap between your bowl and drain line that is supposed to keep the drain from clogging. This line can be clogged by objects like paper towels, children’s toys, or too much toilet paper. A blocked trap will stop the water from getting to the drain, causing the toilet to overflow.

Low Flow Toilet

If you have a low flow toilet, it may not be able to handle everything you’re asking it to do. Some older low flow toilets made from 1994 to 1997 are weaker than newer models. Non-flushable items or too much toilet paper may simply be more than your toilet can take, causing it to back up and overflow.

You can avoid future overflow issues by keeping in mind what you can and cannot flush. Never try to flush paper towels or napkins, diapers, feminine products, dental floss, hair, or anything plastic.

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