Help! My House Is Losing Heat!

It can be tough to make it through the cold weather if your house is losing heat. Before cold season is upon you, think back to years past. Have you felt like your house is losing heat when the weather cools? Do your bills go up as the mercury goes down? While a home energy…

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need For My Home?

If this Poindexter classic has been your personal theme song of late, you may be wondering what size air conditioner you need for your room or home. offers a convenient guide to determining what size AC unit you need. Footprint Is Everything Ideal air conditioner capacity is directly related to the square footage of the…

Heating Problems in Cold Weather

When the weather gets cold, the heat turns on. But heating problems in cold weather can definitely put a cramp in your style. What are the most common issues people have with their heaters? And what can you do to fix or prevent them? Common Heating Problems in Cold Weather Inefficient Heat Pump Heat pumps…

"Newcomb has raised [the] bar so high [for HVAC contractors] that we cannot envision ever doing business with someone else."

David D.

"The AC is quiet, the house is uniformly cool, and I assume the electric company will be wondering where the extra profit went…I assume I won’t be calling you any time soon for repairs, but I will tell others about my great experience and know that you will be there for me if I ever need you in the future."

Sue G.

"We recently replaced the heat and cooling system at our home, and we could not have been more pleased with the level of service. The quote was delivered promptly, the installation team arrived on time [and] worked through the day to complete the project, and quickly followed up."

Randall M.

"Once again the Newcomb personnel went ‘above and beyond’ and more than exceeded expectations. This is the main reason I will be a diehard Newcomb customer and will recommend them whenever I have the chance."

Jerry L.

"I have had the opportunity of working with Newcomb & Company for the past two decades. They have the ability to design, as well as service, all the HVAC systems required for your project. Their attention to detail enables them to complete their work on time and often ahead of schedule."

Phil A.

"Of all subcontractors on the project, Newcomb & Company stands out in my mind as being the most diligent performer of safe and timely work. I will not hesitate to contact you for future projects; it is contractors such as Newcomb that making building a pleasure."

A. F.

"Newcomb & Company responded quickly and successfully to what seemed like an ever-changing project. Without your quick mobilization and willingness to work through the nights, the project would have been delayed substantially."

Eric P.