HVAC Design & Installation

When your old HVAC system needs replacement, you’ll have to decide whether you’ll simply replace it with a similar model or have an HVAC company design a new system tailored to your home. As you choose between the two, you should know a newly designed HVAC system often leads to greater energy savings and comfort. As such, many businesses and homeowners in Raleigh turn to Newcomb and Company for our HVAC design and installation services.

Our team specializes in designing systems specific to a home or business. After designing your system and receiving approval from you, we’ll also install it for you, ensuring you have a dedicated team for every step of the process. If you’re interested in HVAC design and installation services in Raleigh, don’t hesitate to contact Newcomb and Company today!

Custom HVAC Design Services

When our Newcomb and Company heating and cooling experts design a new HVAC system for a client, they make sure it features three crucial elements—zoning, ductwork, and load calculations—to ensure maximum comfort and energy savings:

  • Zoning: Zoning is a system of dampers and controls that will allow you to manage the temperature in every room or zone of your home or business. When our trained professionals design an HVAC system, they’ll take a single HVAC system and use custom zoning to create a unique solution for your building. By implementing custom zoning, we can help your home or business have the most efficient HVAC system possible.
  • Ductwork: A well-designed and installed duct system will allow you to get the most value out of your heating and air conditioning system. Ductwork controls the airflow to and from your home to your HVAC system. Our team of heating and cooling professionals adheres to industry standards when designing and installing ductwork to ensure you receive the highest comfort level while reducing energy consumption.
  • Load Calculations: Improperly sized equipment can lead to a host of problems with your home’s comfort levels. As a result, our Newcomb and Company sales representatives complete a load calculation for each heating and air conditioning system replacement we perform. This load calculation ensures proper sizing of the equipment for each home.

HVAC Installation in Raleigh and Wilmington

Alongside our HVAC design services, our team of heating and cooling professionals can provide several HVAC installation services to fit your needs. If you need HVAC Installation in Raleigh or Wilmington, you can count on quick, reliable service from Newcomb and Company. Some of these installations include:

  • Replacement of existing heating and air conditioning systems
  • New construction HVAC design and installation
  • Remodels / Retrofit
  • Heating and cooling of sunrooms and additions
  • Light commercial fit-up
  • Zoning systems
  • Ductwork replacement

Newcomb and Company HVAC Design and Installation

Whenever you need HVAC design or installation services in Raleigh, Wilmington, or the surrounding areas, turn to Newcomb and Company. We’re proud to offer several financing options with approved credit to ensure any work we perform is as convenient as possible. We also offer renewable energy and energy efficiency services to help homeowners and businesses reduce their environmental impact and save money on their energy bills.

Contact our heating and cooling professionals to receive a free estimate customized to your home’s unique requirements.