Dec 05, 2019

A Plumber’s Guide to Saving Water

Are you looking for new ways to save money on your water bill? The experts at Newcomb and Company are here to help! Your plumbing systems directly correlate to your water usage, so caring for your plumbing system can be a huge step toward water efficiency and lower monthly bill payments. Here are four plumbing tips to help you save water, brought to you by a Raleigh plumbing expert.

Address and Repair Leaks

fixing leaky faucetOne of the major keys to reducing your water bill is to get rid of expenditure for water that you are not actually using. This can be as simple as turning off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth. Perhaps more intricate (and more beneficial) of a solution is to find and address any water leaks that may exist in your home. Leaks in your pipes, faucets, showers, and other water fixtures can create water waste that you will see reflected on your water bill each month. These issues can also create costly water damage to your home. By fixing leaks to your home and getting the plumbing service you need, you can save money on your water bill and keep your home’s foundation protected.

Toilet Services

why is my toilet overflowing

A running toilet can quickly take a huge toll on your water bill. This plumbing issue creates a constant flow of running water to your toilet as the water drains in between uses. Running toilets often happen when your valve is not sealing properly after each flush, which leaves a direct opening from your water tank into your toilet. By getting the toilet service you need, you can cut back on these unnecessary water expenses.

Upgrade Your Appliances

If you are due for a new dishwasher or washing machine, upgrading can benefit you in more ways than one. Newer units are built to work with the latest technology and be more efficient with water than older variants. If you are unsure of which dishwasher is best for you, look to the ENERGY-STAR rating for guidance. With a new unit, you can enjoy cleaner clothes and cleaner dishes with the added benefit of lower water bills.

Treat Frozen Pipes

One of the most common causes of flooding during the winter season involves frozen pipes. When water freezes in your pipes overnight and expands, it can damage or burst your pipes. When the water thaws, your home’s water system will begin running like usual, feeding the newly-burst pipes. If you contact your local plumber at the first sign of an issue, they can thaw your pipes before they burst and check for signs of any damage.

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