How to Take Care of Your A/C When You’re On Vacation

Mature couple arriving home from a vacation indoors

It’s that time of year again — sun, fun, and adventures await! Your family may be beach bound, headed to the hills, or perhaps just off to visit distant friends or relatives. Wherever you’re going, we hope you have a blast. And we also hope that coming home again is as easy and painless as possible.

You do many things when preparing for a vacation to ensure that your re-entry into your routines will be seamless. You have a friend pick up your mail, empty the trash, check the locks, leave food out for the cat…the list goes on and on. And if you’re a homeowner, it goes on even longer. You need to make sure your appliances are shipshape before you ship off to parts unknown.

Newcomb and Company can help you do that. Here’s a top five must-do list on caring for your A/C when you’re out of town.

1) Re-set your thermostat. Leave your programmable thermostat at a higher temperature setting than usual to limit your A/C’s use and save yourself some money on energy bills. But don’t turn your unit off entirely; a quiet compressor could be signal to prospective thieves that you aren’t home, and you don’t want sensitive items like laptops or houseplants heating up unnecessarily.

2) Check your filter. This is another money-saving technique; a clean filter optimizes your air conditioner’s efficiency. You should check your filters on a regular basis, and if you’re in the habit of checking them every time you head out of town, you’ll have set up a good routine.

3) Take a look at your compressor. Is it free of debris: twigs, pine straw, grass clippings? Make sure the area around it is clear of potential blockages that could get inside the housing and interfere with the condenser coils or the fan.

4) Check your drain pan. If your drain pan is full of water, you could have a clogged drainpipe. The humid conditions inside your A/C’s refrigerant coils and pipes are the perfect breeding ground for algae and mold. Not only do these growths hinder the flow of water in your drainpipe, they create unhealthy air flow in your home — and that’s no fun to come home to!

5) Call for regular maintenance. To ensure that issues with your A/C don’t interfere with your vacation, have an expert perform regular maintenance checks. Newcomb can help prepare you for a relaxing vacation with fast, professional A/C maintenance. Schedule a service today!

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