Oct 22, 2019

Why Won’t My Heating System Work?

As the weather becomes cooler, you will soon find yourself in the position of switching off your air conditioner and turning on your heating system. If you find that your heating system is not working this fall, you will want to get it repaired before cooler winter weather rolls around. Here are some heating system diagnostics from a Raleigh heating expert to help you get your system up and running in no time.

Problem: Lack of Power

It is always best to first check your heating system’s power when an issue arises. This is one of the most common issues with one of the easiest fixes. If you have a gas unit, there is a chance that your heating system may be out of gas. Similarly, if your heating unit is running on power, it might not have a proper connection to the power it needs to function.

Solution: Check Your System’s Breaker Situation or Gas Levels

For gas units, check your gas levels before assuming there is an internal system issue. If you find your gas levels are empty or low, call your gas supplier immediately. For power units, make sure that every component of your heating system is plugged in and turned on. Also, check your breaker to ensure that it is not tripped, which would cut the power to your heating system. If you can eliminate power supply as the source of your issue, more detailed diagnostics may be required.

Problem: Thermostat Issue

Your thermostat controls the heat function of your unit, so heating issues may lie within your thermostat instead of your heating system as a whole. If your thermostat is not calibrated correctly, it may be misreading the temperature in your home. This will cause it to distribute heat in a manner that is inconsistent with your desired temperatures. An otherwise ineffective or broken thermostat will also not be able to trigger your heating system to function properly.

Solution: Thermostat Service

Having your thermostat looked at by a professional is always the most effective way to address internal system problems. An expert can diagnose and repair any existing issue that you are experiencing. This professional attention can include thermostat calibration, wiring repair, and other needed thermostat services.

Problem: Unit Issue

Your heating system is composed of several different parts that all contribute to the unit’s function. If one piece is broken or damaged, it will affect the entire heater’s performance. The source of an issue can include a number of heating elements, including:

  • Dirty filters
  • Clogged drain lines
  • Broken capacitors, fuses, or contactors
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Gas line issues
  • Frozen equipment
  • Broken heat exchangers, compressors, or evaporator coils
  • Other internal heater issues

Each of these small issues have the capacity to severely affect your unit’s function, but it can be difficult to determine on your own which of these elements is causing your unit to stop working.

Solution: Professional Heater Inspection and Repair

The wide variety of potential internal system problems often means that issues of this nature require professional HVAC diagnostics. During this process, your heating and cooling expert will use diagnostic tools and personal inspection methods to evaluate each of these parts for functionality issues. Once they locate the source(s) of the problem, your HVAC expert can complete the needed repairs to restore function to your heating system.

Pro tip: Following an HVAC maintenance plan can keep the pieces of your unit in working order, preventing issues before they happen. This can also help your unit last longer and prevent you from having to pay for larger and more costly damages.

Problem: Inefficient Home

Inefficient homes can cause trouble for your heating system and may minimize the impact that your heater can make on your home’s internal temperature. The air your heater produces can escape through poorly-sealed doors, windows, attics, ducts, crawlspaces, and more. So is to say, if your home doesn’t retain the hot air that your system produces, it might feel like your heating system is not working at all.

Whole-Home Energy Solutions

Whole-home efficiency solutions are available to help you seal the gaps in your home that are letting the cold air inside. This can help you feel the impact of your heating system more powerfully. This will also reduce the stress the home inefficiency can put on your heater, which helps your unit last longer. Even better, these energy solutions can help you save significantly on your monthly electric bill.

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Problem: Dated Heating System

Unfortunately, every heating system has a limited lifespan. Sometimes, your heater stops working simply because it has reached its end. You will find that—as your heating system ages—the problems become more costly to repair than they are to replace.

Solution: Heating System Replacement

In cases of units that are beyond repair, a heater replacement is in order. Thankfully, newer units are designed to be more environmentally friendly and efficient, which will help you save money on your electric bill each month and offset some of the new unit’s costs. You might also find that your home heats better than it did before you invested in a new unit, allowing you to feel more comfortable during the cooler seasons. If you are concerned by the sudden cost of a new heating unit, partner with a heating and cooling company that offers a financing program to help you distribute the payments over time.

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