Nov 11, 2019

How to Stop an Overflowing Toilet

It is no secret that plumbing issues can be stressful, but perhaps the most stressful of these problems is that of overflowing toilets. Toilet problems can quickly escalate, creating damage to your home and inconvenience in your evening. Here is a Raleigh plumber’s guide on what to do when your toilet is overflowing.

How to Turn off the Water to Your Toilet

If there is any potential that your water may overflow, turn off the water to your toilet immediately and contact a professional plumber for service. To turn off the water that leads to your toilet, check behind your toilet until you locate the shutoff valve. The shutoff valve is a knob connected to the pipes behind your toilet. Turn the valve clockwise until it stops turning. You will know that your water has successfully stopped running when it you can no longer see or hear it moving within your fixture.

Immediately Stop Usage

why is my toilet overflowing

If your toilet is not draining properly, the easiest way to avoid an overflow is to immediately stop flushing and using that toilet until it is repaired. You should also take a look into the tank of your toilet to ensure that the flush valve is sealing completely in between flushes. If it is left open, it will continually pour water into your toilet bowl. Issues of this nature can cause your toilet to overflow if it is not draining properly, and it can significantly hike up the cost of your monthly water bills.

Clean Up Any Water

Water damage in your home can be costly. After you have stopped the source of the toilet overflow, be sure to clean up any water that may be in your bathroom before it has the chance to leak through your floor or into the walls. You might also consider turning on a bathroom fan or opening a bathroom window to help you dry out the leftover moisture. When left untreated, this water damage can create dangerous mold and require costly repairs. If you have already called for professional help, ask your plumber to check for any signs of water damage once they arrive.

Have Your Toilet Inspected

When it comes to plumbing repairs, these services are often best left to the experts. If there is a blockage or clog in your toilet, you may be able to complete this repair on your own. However, more severe issues are likely to require expert help. A professional plumber can easily identify the source of your toilet overflow and correct any existing issues with your plumbing.

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