What Can I Do When My Kitchen Sink Leaks? Insight from a Plumber

Oct 03, 2022

When your kitchen sink is leaking, the first thing you’ll need to do is find out what’s causing the issue in the first place. While many leaks can be solved with a kitchen sink leak repair, others may require a plumber to replace damaged parts and components. By knowing the main reasons for a kitchen sink leak, you can ensure any plumber you hire provides the right solution for your particular problem.

As you look for a solution for your leak, learn more about the four main causes of kitchen sink leaks and how to fix them below:

1. Malfunctioning Faucet Components

When your kitchen sink leaks from the faucet, you likely have a problem with a malfunctioning faucet component. Typically, the cause of a faucet leak is a damaged O-ring seal, which is a small disc that attaches to the stem screw responsible for keeping your faucet handle in the right position. Over time, this O-ring can wear down due to use or become loose, resulting in a leak near your faucet’s handle. A plumber can replace the O-ring for you to fix the leak.

While faucet leaks are usually caused by damaged O-rings, malfunctioning gaskets or washers can also cause a leak. If you have a cartridge faucet, the cartridge that controls the faucet’s water flow can become damaged as well, leading to a leak. To fix any of these issues, it’s a good idea to have a plumber inspect your faucet and replace any faulty components they find.

2. Drain Damage or Failing Plumber’s Putty

When you notice water leaking under your sink, you could have a problem with your drain. Sometimes, a drain leak indicates your drain has reached the end of its life or is so damaged it can’t be repaired. In this case, a plumber will need to replace the drain. If your drain is in good condition, the problem can sometimes be solved by tightening the nuts located where your pipes intersect.

Another reason for a leaking drain is an issue with the plumber’s putty. Plumbers use this putty to seal the drain and stop any future leaks, but sometimes this putty can dry out over time, causing the sealant to weaken. You could also have a drain leak if there’s too little plumber’s putty in your drain and it isn’t thick enough to provide enough sealing. To fix a plumber’s putty issue, a plumber will need to remove your drain and repack it with a fresh batch of putty. 

3. Clogged P-Trap

Your sink’s P-trap is a curved section of pipe typically located below the sink. This section of pipe is designed to stop bad odors by trapping a small volume of water at the bottom of the pipe’s curve. When this P-trap isn’t clogged, it will stop sewer gases from exiting your pipes and into your home. However, food and other debris can get trapped in this section of the pipe, clogging it and stopping water from draining properly through it.

When water can’t flow through the P-trap easily, it can end up causing a leak in your pipes and under your sink. Fortunately, a clogged P-trap is easy to fix, as a plumber will simply need to clear the clog to get water flowing easily again. However, If the P-trap is made of metal, it could also leak due to corrosion. A corroded P-trap will usually need to be replaced entirely to stop any future leaks.

4. Loose Water Supply Connections

Usually, kitchen sinks have two or three points that connect your sink faucet to your water valves. Over time, these connection points can loosen due to a variety of issues, such as malfunctioning washers, damaged gaskets, loose nuts, or corroded pipes. Since so many different issues can cause loose water supply connections, it’s a good idea to hire a plumber to evaluate the source of the issue and provide any needed kitchen sink repairs.

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