Does My Home Need 24/7 Emergency HVAC Service?

Sep 26, 2022

If your AC is showing signs it might need a repair, you’re probably wondering if the issue is an emergency or if it can wait for standard business hours. Though some issues can be left a little while, some problems need to be fixed before they extensively damage your system or leave you without enough cool or warm air to live comfortably. While you try to keep your system in the best shape possible, find out more about the top five signs you need 24/7 emergency HVAC service.

1. Your HVAC System Won’t Turn On

As you might expect, an HVAC system that won’t turn on is the most obvious sign you need emergency service. While you should usually contact an emergency HVAC tech immediately if the system doesn’t turn on, you’ll want to check your circuit breaker and thermostat first. During your circuit breaker inspection, ensure it hasn’t tripped accidentally and cut off power to your system. You should also check that your thermostat hasn’t been turned to its “off” setting by accident.

If your thermostat is turned to the right setting and your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, it’s time to call a professional. Since your HVAC system probably won’t fix itself anytime soon, an HVAC tech can help you determine the source of the issue and fix it for you. At times, however, an HVAC system that won’t turn on can signal your system has broken down entirely, meaning it might be more cost-effective to replace the unit instead of trying to repair it.

2. You Notice Ice On Your System

Ice on an air conditioner signals that the unit’s evaporator coils aren’t working correctly or your unit is low on refrigerant. When ice is allowed to build up on your unit, it can cause your AC to start blowing warm air and use up more energy while trying to cool your home. Over time, ice that’s left on the unit can even cause your HVAC system to shut down entirely. As a result, an HVAC technician is almost always needed to inspect and repair the unit before more extensive damage can occur.

Though low refrigerant or malfunctioning evaporator coils are often the reason an AC has frost on it, the issue could also be caused by writing failures or blocked airflow. Due to the many causes of ice on an AC unit and the difficulty of fixing it, it’s best to turn to a 24/7 technician to fix the issue. Contacting emergency HVAC services can also save you from having to pay for even more extensive repairs that can come from leaving ice on your unit for too long.

3. Your System Is Short-Cycling

Another common sign that you need emergency services is if your HVAC system continues to turn on and off repeatedly. This rapid turning on and off is called short cycling and can prevent your system from producing enough warm or cold air for your home. 

Short cycling can also put extra wear on your system’s parts and spike your energy bills. Since short cycling can indicate that you have a severe issue with your system, it’s best to have an emergency tech come to evaluate the unit and perform any necessary repairs as fast as possible.

4. Burning Smells or Strange Noises

Your HVAC system should never make a burning or chemical smell. If it does, your system could be a fire hazard, and you should immediately shut it off before calling an emergency technician. 

Strange noises are also another major sign of your HVAC system needing service. When an HVAC system is running correctly, it shouldn’t make banging, clicking, squealing, or grinding sounds. Since all these sounds can indicate a part has malfunctioned, you’ll need to shut down the unit to prevent further damage before receiving emergency HVAC repair services.

5. Your System Isn’t Cooling or Heating Your Home

If your HVAC system turns on but isn’t sufficiently cooling or heating your home, you need emergency services. In the summer, the issue might be warm air coming out of your vents, and in the winter, it could be that you only feel cool air. When the air is at the right temperature but blowing out of your vents weakly, you could have a problem with the AC not distributing enough air into your home. 

Regardless of the symptoms, your AC should sufficiently cool or heat your home year-round. You could have an issue with your HVAC system, or your ducts could be leaking. Whatever the case, you’ll need an emergency tech to identify what’s going wrong and make any needed repairs.

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